Sunday, March 30, 2008


The official language of Togo is French. And, no, I don't speak French ;-) Luckily, Nathan does. But that doesn't help me, so I'm working on learning it myself...not to mention that it's a requirement for service. You guys are going to keep me accountable as I learn and study like crazy the next few months. I have been taking French at the Boston Language Institute since last September. I complete French 2 this Thursday. And begin French 3 next Tuesday! It is still beginner classes seem to go quite a bit slower, but I do know MUCH more than when I began. I am also doing French with Rosetta Stone online. I started March 8 and have to complete 40 hours by May 8. I am at 22 hours...The way I calculate it, I need 26 hours by April 8. Yes I'm a nerd like that! So I am off to study French...

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