Saturday, November 1, 2008


hi everyone!!!
this is my first chance to sorry for my tardiness!  i am so thankful to have spoken to my parents often by phone and am so glad they are keeping you updated.  know that i think of you all the time and miss keeping up with everyone.  nathan and i are spending the night in the "big city" and go to our post tomorrow.  i am very eager and excited.  my counterpart is very nice and is excited for my impending work - it will be great to work with someone who is so enthusiastic!!  our house is suppossedly gorgeous and the typical african house - i'll let you know later what that means!  i have begun local language lessons am enjoying it.  i still have far to go in french but am making daily improvementstonight we'll go out for pizza and fuseball with the other volunteers - definitely not a typical night for me.  today i woke at 4:45 and drove north in a packed taxi for 8 hours.  we had a one hour layover while a hundred men dug an eighteen wheeler out of the mud in the middle of the road.  the dry season has begun up north and there is a dust haze everywhere.  i'll be looking for a scarf for my face tomorrow.  know that i love and miss everyone tons!  i will hopefully back at email next weekend so send me email updates!!  i want to know what is happpening with everyone! if you have ques, let me know and i'll answr them next time!
know that i am well, though somewhat skinny and sick of dried fish and mosquito bites, and feel blessed to have this amazing opportunity.  please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  until next time...

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Rev. Jeremy Smith said...

Yea! glad to "hear" from ya, and we are thinking about ya. When are you earning enough cash to accept packages? I can't believe you have to pay to pick them up too! Ha!

And post some pics...did you bring a camera?

In other words, do all this extra work in addition to all your regular work...just for me. ;-)