Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back to Village

Thanks for all the emails!  It's so great to come into Kara and hear from you all!  Glad everyone is doing well.  We're checking email briefly this morning and then heading back to village.  We had a nice evening of AC, hot showers, and clean sheets!  I even had Pringles and a Snickers bar for dinner ;-)  It's a hard life here in Togo!  hehe  We'll buy vegetables on our way out of town.  There are hardly any vegetables in village.  Nathan has planted tomatoes but they will be the only tomatoes in village.  Crazy, huh?  Sometimes we have onions in market.  Nathan is trying to talk to everyone he can..."Plant vegetables!"  I hope to buy cabbage, carrots, a cucumber, onions, and green peppers.  Oh, and I saw some good-looking pineapples.  Maybe salad one night this week?!  And I might leave out the sardines and mayonnaise!  Otherwise, I'll be back to teaching the rest of this week. I'm looking forward to our normal routine and seeing Asher!  Please keep in touch!  Miss you all tons! 

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