Saturday, December 6, 2008

Arrival in New Home

This is Ann Green's Dad, with news from a phone call this afternoon (12/6/08).


Ann Green and Nathan arrived at their new home in northern Togo today.  The unairconditioned van ride took 8 hours (with no restroom facilities).  For dinner they ate with their host family (and with their hands) some pounded yams and a beef broth with a few pieces of meat.


They are setting up their five-room compound.  The largest room, the bedroom, is about 15 feet across; the other rooms are smaller.  They swept out the rooms and set up their bed, kitchen table and supplies, and stools.  They have found small bats (not vampire bats!) in their straw roof.  They also put down 5 woven-plastic prayer rugs to add color.


Sunday is market day.  There are about 25 vendors selling tomatoes, onions, fruit, plastic cups and plates, and small tools.  No clothing is for sale in the village.


For the first 3 months, they will primarily meet people, observe the village, and listen to the people's needs.  They are not to act like Americans and come in with lots of new ideas.  Ann will sit in on classes, visit the health clinic on Tuesdays, and simply walk around the village and learn from their neighbors.  She will receive several hours of additional French tutoring each week and also learn the native language.  Her name is now "Naca."


Her spirits remain high and she is excited to begin her official time.



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