Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm a volunteer!

So Nathan and I are officially volunteers now!  We wore our new outfits - our host mothers made them for us - and raised our right hands!  Nathan actually gave the Kabye speech since he has been learning local language since the beginning of training.  He did great!  There was food and drink after and we mingled with everyone, including the Ambassador.  Otherwise, we've been busy shopping.  I got quite overwhelmed in the market, when a riot started...all is fine, but we shopped quickly!  Tons of people, cars, and animals.  We bought a bed frame, a mattress, a broom, kerosene lamps, and lots of food (canned hot dogs, mustard, soy sauce, rice, pasta, beans, ramen noodles...oh the life!), and a cute mou-mou-esque dress for me.  I realize as I write this, that my perspective has changed.  Canned hot dogs?  Gotta get the protein somehow!  Going to a nice event with semi-wet hair and no makeup?  I look great!  A mou-mou dress? excuse for that!  The rest of the day we'll be packing and going to a beach party.  Suppossedly lots of good food and relaxing by the pool.  Much needed after the craziness of the last fews days.  We head to post tomorrow!  And Christmas is next.  No plans yet, but to stay at post. I'll keep you updated!  Much love!

I have been taking pics...You will see them someday.  I am learning to be calm...give up control...go with the flow...and have lots of patience.  All in good time!

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