Friday, July 17, 2009

Beach Days

(FYI, I wrote the first part of this post two days ago…)

We’re not in Kara ;-) But in Lome…at the beach! We have just had a wonderful visit with Brian and Miriah in village, and we are ending their trip in Togo with a couple of days at a beachside resort in Lome. We arrived today in time for a quick dip in the ocean and pool followed by hot showers before dinner. I had wonderful chicken kebabs for dinner with sautéed potatoes and green beans. I also saved room for chocolate mousse ;-) Now I am sitting in AC and watching CNN. I know…life is hard!

(After I wrote the above, we continued to enjoy yummy food, including fresh caught fish. We enjoyed more time in the ocean and pool and got lots of reading in! We are now at the Peace Corps office. Brian and Miriah leave tonight.)

Brian and Miriah, friends from Boston, arrived last week and spent six days with us in village. They say they had a good time, and I’m hoping Miriah will post her thoughts to the blog soon. It was very renewing for us to have visitors….Sometimes I forget how beautiful Pessare is and how kind everyone in village is to us until we have visitors and see everything through their fresh eyes. We had dinner with several different families and spent time at Sunday market and in Kara. I feel renewed reenergized for the work to come over the next several weeks. Additionally, it was fun to hang out with another American couple…we had lots of time to chat and play cards ;-) Plus Miriah enjoys cooking like me, so we made bean burgers one night followed by bananas foster.

Thanks Brian and Miriah for coming! We had an amazing time with you. Hope you are home safe and sound. Thanks for everything.

Nathan and I are back to village tomorrow, and I will be there for a week. Afterwards, I head to the Peace Corps’ training center with an elementary school teacher from Pessare. We are going to a teacher training to learn how to motivate girls in science. Not sure what to expect, but maybe a girls science club in Pessare will be in the works soon?!

Afterwards, I am a camp counselor at Camp UNITE. I will be there for a week. And then….my sister and Brad arrive! I will be staying very busy and am looking forward to it. It always helps to have lots of activities to help the time pass…especially when lacking CNN in village ;-)

The weather has turned rainy and we often have rain up to five times a week. The temperatures have cooled off considerably! Asher is well and staying with Rachel and Pierre for the couple of days we’re down in Lome. Otherwise, we are fine. Hope everyone else is doing well. Send us an email and let us know what you’re up too!
Miss everyone lots!

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