Saturday, January 31, 2009

Club Espoir

Well, I just got back from my first day with Club Espoir and it went very well.  It was fun to be with so many kids, having so much fun playing games.  There were approximately 50 kids there.  They have been identified by an international AIDS NGO as needing extra attention.  Either they and/or their parent(s) have AIDS – we're not told which.  Not only did we play games, but they met with doctors and psychosocial counselors.  The kids were in wonderful moods, played well together, and loved talking to us.  We played "hot yam" (yes, hot potato but with a real yam), wheelbarrow races, soccer, and lots of singing and dancing.  They then split up by grade level to meet with us about basic information about AIDS.  Next month, we'll talk about basic hygiene.  We then fed them rice porridge with tofu and goat.  They loved it ;-)  One of the greatest things about club is that local high school students help run it.  Peace Corps is the main fundraiser, but the students really took charge and were great with the kids.  It was nice just to be a helping hand and not the main organizer.  It was a nice day of relaxing and playing – something I needed! 


The main funding source of Club Espoir was recently decided that funds are not available for the Club.  The current volunteer in charge of the Club has set up a website through Peace Corps Partnership to receive funds.  The money goes towards supplies, food, and transportation for all the children.  Check out the website.  Please don't feel obligated to give, just something I thought I'd throw out there.  Don't worry – this probably won't be the last time you're directed to a website to give money for our Peace Corps projects ;-)  It might be a nice way for you to be a part of our projects over here.  (Did someone say cows?!!)  Stay tuned!


I'll be here in Kara for the night.  Already had Pringles and fresh pineapple today!  Probably off to dinner in a little while with other volunteers.  And back to village tomorrow…I'm excited to see Nathan and Asher ;-)


Much love to everyone!

Keep in touch!

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