Friday, January 30, 2009


I was introduced to salad – yes, salad – last week in Togo.  The middle school where I work recently planted lettuce and it is the first lettuce I've seen in Pessare thus far.  Nathan and I went to lunch at a women's house last week and had a wonderful salad.  I immediately bought lettuce from the middle school and made it for the entire family (Nathan, Pierre, Rachel, et al).  Everyone loved it and said it was a party!  I am going next week to Nathan's other homologues house to make it for them – he's only had salad once in his life and his wife has no idea how to make it.  I'm going to teach them!  I'm so excited to have something I can teach – especially about food!  I often feel inadequate when it comes to making food here – I still haven't made foufou yet.  Now I have something to share ;-)  Here's the recipe:


Grand Togolese Salad

Romaine lettuce


Purple onions

1 can sardines





Cooked spaghetti

Cooked and sliced yams

Hard-boiled eggs


1. Pick lettuce, onions, and tomatoes from the middle school garden

2. Wash all lettuce and vegetables thoroughly

3. Cut and mix lettuce and vegetables

4. Add spaghetti and yams

5. Make dressing by combining vinegar, oil, salt, and sardines (inc. oil)

6. Pour dressing over salad and mix

7. Add mayo and mix

8. Top with sliced eggs

9. Enjoy!

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