Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nathan's pictures

This is Sally, Ann’s mom.  I talked to Ann this afternoon and she told me of new pictures on Nathan’s blog.  I checked them out, and they are good—especially the pictures of Ann and Nathan’s new puppy Asher.  So do pull up Nathan’s blog (look over to the right hand side of this page) and see the pictures for yourself.

Nathan is in Lome until Wednesday receiving a series of rabies shots!  Pierre and Rachel’s puppy bit Nathan, and although no one thinks that the puppy has rabies, it is Peace Corps policy that anyone who receives an animal bite must get the shots.  While in Lome, Nathan will definitely be checking e-mail, so do send him an e-mail (which he can download and share with Ann) at

Ann and Nathan will miss being in the U.S. for Tuesday’s Inauguration.  Nathan is hoping to catch the Inauguration on a TV in Lome.  Ann, meanwhile, has her English class on Tuesday.  She is going to share pictures of Obama with the class and talk with them about Tuesday’s events. 



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