Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hi Everyone! I am in Lome for the for a meeting that starts in a couple of hours. It is amazing how my inner clock has changed so much since being here...I'm exhausted by 8pm (well, that's not new!) but am up by 5:30am ready to go. It's 6:15 here and I'm already on the computer at the Lome Peace Corps Office. We'll see if I need an afternoon nap - again, nothing new! Today I am planning on going to the grocery store to buy Asher dog food. We're going to try to get some more vitamins into him...and just to give him a little variety from local village food. Also, I am planning on a couple of good meals and tonight, believe it or not, is a bachelorette party for a volunteer. She is leaving the country soon, but lots of girls are here and we're going to celebrate. Not sure what the plans are, but I think I'll tag along ;-) I leave Lome tomorrow morning and go to my friend Meg's village. I'll spend two nights there and leave back for village on Saturday (my birthday!). Her village is having a big party so I'm going to celebrate with them - Ironically, Meg has no idea why there is a party, but hey - that's life when you don't comprehend the language! We just go with the flow. And we're dying Easter eggs ;-) Nathan and I are planning on going to the Catholic church in village for Easter on Sunday. And I'm making Easter lunch...mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, pan-fried Spam (we found a chicken version), and deviled eggs. I'm actually really I hope to find all the ingredients in Kara on Saturday. It'll just be the two of us, but I hope to make it nice. And I'm trying to figure out a birthday present for Nathan...maybe a soccer jersey?! No real plans for my bday...maybe I'll treat myself to something in Lome this afternoon! Ok, so I'm going to post pictures now to give you all a few more updates on our life. Again, thanks for all the love and support...and birthday wishes and cards and packages! It means so much to us! THANK YOU! All our love.

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