Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nathan's Post...

For some reason can't seem to get this on his blog...I will keep trying but in the meantime this is what he says:

Well, March has come and gone and April finds me sweating out the lovely days of hot season's final push. We had our "Mango Rains" and everyday kids are off to some distant field to "acquire" buckets full of the yellow gold...

Our dog Asher is doing well, still getting bigger, but a bit of a wimp when it comes to going out to pee in the dark.

Work has been an up and down experience as of late: 1) We have lost a large portion of the rabbits at the center due to a small infection outbreak 2) built several new mudstoves 3) Met with two garden groups; one male and one female...I'm hoping to establish a positive and productive working relationship with both groups 4) Kabiye language lessons are still running over me like a bulldozer, but it does give a good excuse to drink Tchouk and laugh with Albert my teacher 5) I was named to VAC (Volunteer Advisory Committee), giving me the opportunity to represent my region of Togo in quarterly meetings with our Country Director and program directors. In classic Togo irony, I was made meeting secretary at the last meeting, yet we A. don't have a computer here B. don't have electricity but need to have typed notes out to everyone in a week! 6) built solar dyers for fruit/veggies...will let you know how it goes!

My wife and I will be celebrating birthdays in a few 4th time getting older on the continent! Maybe as a big present, Mother Nature will make it snow!

I hope everyone is well in the States. Thanks for all the letters, emails, phone calls, and care packages, all of which brightens us up when we are having a tough day.

Current literary wish list: The Complete Works of John Muir

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