Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bye Bye Brandon

Hello All!
Brandon and I find ourselves in Lome, a capital that is busy, hot, and rainy!  We arrived yesterday and enjoyed a nice evening of wood-fired pizza, wine, and creme brulee.  After a sweaty night of sleep, we are on her last day here.  It is overcast and drizzling.  Her flight leaves this evening, and I will drop her at the airport.  Before that we are heading to the Grand Marche (large market) for some exploring as well as grab some more local food.  Not as good as last night, but Brandon has surprisingly enjoyed Togolese food.  She has found the heat surprisingly hot and the transportation surprisingly bad.  But overall I think she's had a good time...And ready to return home!  I'm proud of her for venturing over here.  We'll wait and see her post...But I hope she says she enjoyed her time while still finding the adventure demanding at times ;-)  She confessed today she thought there would be a plethora of croissants since Togo was a French colony...sadly no :-(  But we have wonderful people who make really good pounded yams! Stay tuned for her post...

I will be in Lome until Monday completing my quarterly report.  I will attempt to upload pictures to the blog later today so check in later.  Nathan reports that all is fine in village...little rain there and everyone is in the fields!  Our latrine is being built and we still hope to move by mid-June.  We should be in village much of June and are looking forward to our next visitors, Brian and Miriah!

Hope everyone is well!  Much love!

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