Thursday, May 21, 2009

Still Hot ;-)

Hi All!
I find I begin most of the posts the same...yep, we're back in Kara  And, yes, had breakfast (cafe au lait - instant Nescafe with sweetened condensed milk - and crusty bread smeared with mayonnaise), went to the bank, and went grocery shopping (bought canned mean and well as, surprise...Pringles!)  As I write this I wonder how I have lost weight?!

All volunteers have their bi-annual report due next week so I will start that on Excel following this post.  Our friends Brian and Miriah are coming to visit in July and bringing a computer for us with them.  I am looking forward to getting some tryping done at home - especially for reports - before coming to the internet cafe.  And, yes, no electricity in village, but we can charge it once a week in our market town.

Our big news is that we are moving houses.  This is not our decision, but one we are OK with and when we are feeling positive, find ourselves excited about.  There have been security concerns about our current house's location as we are outside the center of village and don't live within another family's compound.  If we were to yell, no one would hear us.  Thus, it was the PC's decision to move us.  We are going to a smaller house, but just as nice - square, cement, three rooms, new latrine.  We will also be living in a family's compound.  The mom's name is Yvette.  The house is across from the market and next door to the local dry-goods store.  We are excited about the locatioin but a bit sad to be leaving Rachel and kids.  We are also a bit overwhelmed with the whole moving process.  But we will make a point to still see the family often, and Nathan has located a 4x4 truck in another town to help us move furniture.  We should be moved by mid-June so look for pictures in July.  And send positive thoughts our way ;-)

Otherwise, for work-related news, teaching has now ended, and exams are next week.  I am looking forward to the break and change in routine, but will miss the kids.  My summer project to help school girls start small businesses to pay for school is off to a slow start.  I have 5 girls who are interested; I was hoping for 10.  But I am excited to work with them and hope we'll have a good time and learn a lot together.  Also, next week I am doing a health information session at the elementary school with my volunteer friend Brittany.  She's a health volunteer and we're going to talk to the girls about the importance of sanitation around the house.  We have lots of posters and hands-on demonstrations so should be fun. 

Plus, Brandon arrives this weekend!  It should be a whirlwind adventure - one that I can fill you in on next week when I'm at a computer in Lome.  Plus look for Brandon's post; she's already agreed!  Pictures will be up next week including ones of my latest cooking lesson, Nathan teaching at the elementary school, and doing things in village with Brandon!  Stay tuned!

Oh, and last night...Nathan killed another scorpion and a mouse :-(  Yuck!  Nathan may post a picture soon for you on his blog...check it out!

As always, thanks for all your love, support, and prayers.  We miss you all dearly and I long for the comforts of Americas.  But we're here and chugging along...please continue to keep in touch!  Much love!

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