Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Goodbye Meg

Hi All!
I find myself in Lome for two days to say goodbye to my best friend in Togo, Meg.  Sadly, Meg is very sick with malaria and has been medically seperated from the Peace Corps.  She is flying out tonight and will return to her family in Chicago.  I am super sad because she is such an enthusiastic volunteer and such a supportive friend.  We have so many good memories together!  I have been crying but am trying to stay positive for her.  She is very tired and sick and needs to go home.  I also know her mother is anxiously awaiting her!  I helped her pack up her house yesterday which was very sad.  All the villagers were confused and crying.  It is not much closure for anyone.  Last night I stayed with her in the PC medical unit and today will help her do last minute things around Lome (close her bank account, do an exit interview, etc.).  Tonight we'll go to the airport and tomorrow I'll head back to village.  I hope everyone is doing well in America!  Meg, have some pizza for me!  Much love!

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