Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some Changes

You guessed it!  We're back in Kara...doing the usual ;-)  However back in village, it's been quite unusual.  We moved houses (same village) last Saturday.  The transition went smoothly though had the hassles of any move - lots of packing and cleaning of the old house and cleaning and unpacking of the new house.  We have three rooms plus a latrine and shower area.  It's already decorated and organized, and I hope to post pictures next month.  I'm getting used to having constant people around, which you can guess has its pros and cons.  But it is exciting to be in the "center" of village and made going to market last Sunday fun and easy.  Asher is a bit confused, but there are many more dogs here for him to play with.  He did go to Beepo's today while we're in Kara!  Rachel is kind to dogsit.  Like many teenagers he's trying to exert independence but has overprotective parents.  He's the only dog in village not allowed to run free.  That may change soon, now that he is neutered.  He was neutered at our old house last week, and I found the whole experience to be a bit traumatizing.  I won't write details, but maybe Nathan will on his blog?!  Asher has forgiven us and is healing well, but I am newly thankful for vets in the US who don't let owners watch surgical procedures ;-)
I have four girls doing my Vacation Enterprise project.  They received $10 each last week.  Their first payment of $1.50 is due Sunday.  They are selling lots of diverse things including sugar, corn porridge, batteries, tomato paste cans, fried peanut sticks, and local beer.  I bought corn porridge from Adalene yesterday and it was quite good!  I am keeping my fingers crossed that all works out well - and their school fees for next year will be payed in ten weeks!
I am still working on the local cookbook and with our coming computer, will be able to pick up the pace.  Continue to stay tuned. 
In addition to our excitement that Brian and Miriah arrive in two weeks, my sister, Sarah, and her boyfriend, Brad, are coming in August.  We'll need a long rest in September.
Upcoming Activities:
1) Attending a teacher training in July with a local elementary school teacher.  We are going to learn how to encourage girls enthusiasm for science in the classroom.  The teacher is super excited and we may be working a lot together this next year.
2) Working as a camp counselor for a Peace Corps camp.  Each volunteer sends two boy students and two girl students for a week-long camp at PC's local retreat center.  In addition to fun and games, and lots of good food, there will be daily educational sessions - everything from HIV/AIDS prevention to good decision making to conflict management.  Joel is one of the Pessare boys attending.  He is beyond excited and if you ask him how many days until camp, he knows exactly.  This will be the first time he's left the Kara area and is excited to have electricity!  I'm a bit nervous for him as this is his first time away from home.  But past counselors and campers say it is an experience of a lifetime, and I am excited to be there to facilitate it! 
Happy 4th of July to everyone!  Nathan and I celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary July 1.  We're off to Cocobeach for two nights to celebrate ;-)  Much love to all!

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