Saturday, September 13, 2008

Less than a week...

And we'll be in Togo! We've been busy packing and yes, as I've mentioned several times before, visiting lots of friends and family before leaving. We're back in Boston at Nathan's parent's home and are having a cookout tonight with his family. His mom made a cake decorated like the flag of Togo...I'll have to post it later!

Here's a bit of the packing chaos...

This does not even include the clothing we are taking. Actually, the clothing is the smallest portion, because we are expecting to have clothing made there. Supposedly their fabric is much thinner and more culturally appropriate than clothes we can buy in the US. But I am taking a few tshirts, capris, and long skirts. As soon as I get my first official Togo skirt or outfit, I'll take a pic so you guys can see!

This a link to the packing list the PC gives us...yes, it is looongg. And we have to fit all of this in a 50lb bag. Yep, that's all...2 bags, total of 80lbs, but one no more than 50lb. I'm only taking one 50lb bag. Mainly, because I think I can get it all in there and also because I have to carry it all on my own. Nathan is also taking a 50lb bag and then his guitar. Should be interesting!

Here's our schedule:

Wed Sept 17 - fly to Philly

Spend Wed through Fri in training in Philly...going over logistics, meeting people, starting our shots!

Fri Sept 19 - fly to Paris...and from Paris fly to Togo

Sat Sept 20 - we'll be in Togo!!

We spend three days in the capital Lome before moving on to our training villages. Nathan and I will be in separate training villages because we are in different programs. The villages are only 5km apart and he'll be coming to my village a couple of times per week for class. We'll also see each other on the weekends. But we will be living apart for those first three months. While we'll miss each other, I think it will be good for me...I need to learn how to do this PC thing on my own...especially getting used to the food, language, water, bugs...It will be a great chance for me to build my own self confidence!

After 9 weeks we'll be in our own village...just the two of us. But more posts to come before then...

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regina holder said...

Wishing you and Nathan all the best on your travels and your new adventure! God Bless!