Monday, September 22, 2008

We're safe and sound!

Hi All,
I am borrowing someones computer and am so glad to have a couple of minutes to email.  Nathan and I are safe and sound.  We have been very busy in training sessions and they are taking very good care of us.  Everything is overwhelming and I find myself nervous often, but slowly I am getting more confident and excited.  It's just crazy to imagine living here for 2 years!  But all that said, we are pleased and they are very pleased to have us here.  The accommodations are modest - I want a hot shower and a comfortable bed.  We sweat all day long.  My hair looks horrible and I'm ready to cut it!  But neither of us are sick and we take comfort that everyone else is in our same shoes.  We've gotten lots of shots, have not slept much, but the food is Americanized - which I'm appreciating now.  Everyone gets along well - they call us Mom and Dad.  We leave on Wed for our training sites.  They told us Nathan and I can see each other as much as we want.  Oh and we got our bikes - I've yet to ride mine.  We are buying a cell phone - probably one for now.  Every volunteer gets one.  I am not sure yet how it works.  I may text you when we get it?!  People say Skype is cheap and  You'll have to investigate.  We can't really afford to call you.  We can text, and then you can call.  We get $1.75/day and to mail a letter is $1.25.  But I will send one in the next day or so.  Things are expensive.  Nathan bought me cloth to make a dress for our "engagement anniversary!"  Everyone is jealous ;-)  I can't wait to make a dress!  Nathan is enjoying his French and loves telling his Guinea and Mali stories.  He also played the guitar for everyone last night.  We're both making friends - together and separate.  Last night we went to a bar and had local beer - gross if you ask me!  But I did have an Orange Fanta.  The roads are sandy, the people nice and curious, the clothing colorful.  Well I gotta run...I LOVE YOU ALL TONS!  Nathan sends his love.  We will be in touch soon!!  We miss you tons but like I said, we are enjoying it, I'm growing more confident, we're thankful to have each other, and we're still making a go of this!  Not sure when I can check email again...but I will!!
Love you and miss you!!
Ann Green


Megan Hornbeek said...

So glad to hear your own email voice! I'm even happier to hear that you are well and safe. I think of you often. Sending all my love,

Alison said...

glad to hear you're adjusting well. i'm also happy for you that the food is americanized and you've been to a bar. having familiar food can make you feel much more comfortable. it sounds less rustic than i'd thought. we're all thinking of you and very proud of you.
By the way, why Ann Green? i think of you as Ann Langford Duncan. where does Green come from?


Lalla Renwick Marquez said...

Ann Green! So great to hear from you through the blogosphere and so glad to hear that you all are doing well and settling in!! Diego and I have been thinking of you and hoping all is well. We miss you tons and of course you are always in our prayers.

much love to you and Nathan,

Jenn Hauss said...

I am so glad that the two of you made it safe and sound. I miss you both and love you. Stay safe.