Sunday, September 21, 2008

re:Safe and Sound in Togo!

Hey, Everyone!  This is Ann’s mom.  I received an e-mail from Kassie, a Peace Corps volunteer in Togo, at 5:47 AM this morning—North Carolina time.  According to Kassie, Ann and Nathan arrived safely in Togo last night (September 20) at 7 PM—Togo time.  Kassie writes, “Everyone looks happy and well, and we are happy to have them here!”  Kassie says not to worry, if we don’t hear from Nathan or Ann for a week or so.  As Kassie says, “Peace Corps keeps them pretty busy, and we are helping them transition into life here in Togo.  For now, just know that they are safe and sound and were welcomed with open arms!”  As I receive more information, I will pass it on.  Thanks for your interest in Nathan and Ann!

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Lori said...

Ann Green,
We missed connecting with you and Nathan before you left. We are sad that we could not get that to happen.

Please know you and Nathan are in our thoughts and our prayers everyday.

We know you are embarking on an incredible adventure. We will stay tuned to your blog to follow along.

And of course, we will send CHOCOLATE SOON :0 :)

With our love,
Lori, Hugh, Turner and Charlotte