Thursday, September 25, 2008

Phone Call From Togo

This is Ann’s mom Sally again.  I just talked to Ann in Togo and told her that I would leave an update on her blog.  It was wonderful to hear Ann’s voice and to know that she is okay.  Nathan is, too.  During training, Ann is in one village, and Nathan is in another village, about 3 miles away.  Ann and Nathan will see each other tomorrow, when Nathan comes to Ann’s village for some joint training.  French classes start tomorrow, too.


Ann is staying with a woman named Josephine.  Her son Peter takes her to class each morning.  According to Ann, Josephine is very nice and is pleased that Nathan is living in her home village.  Ann is the third Peace Corps volunteer to live in Josephine’s home, so Josephine is accustomed to cooking for Americans new to Togo.  In fact, for dinner tonight, Ann had pancakes!  “Best thing ever” was Ann’s response to the pancakes.  When we talked, Ann was already in bed reading.  Her book of choice for tonight is Citizen Girl by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Krauss.  Maybe tomorrow night she will have French homework.  


I have a phone number for Ann and Nathan, which I will gladly pass on to anyone who wants to e-mail me for it (  Ann and Nathan will share a cell phone.  Ann has the phone right now, because Nathan’s village does not have phone service.  Ann recommends that we all buy phone cards online at  Supposedly, those phone cards offer the best deal for calling Togo from the U.S.  If you want to text Ann and Nathan, then Ann suggests that you sign up for service with Skype (   At this point, the best time to reach Ann is from 2 to 6 PM, Eastern Standard Time (or 6 to 10 PM Togo time).


Thanks for getting excited about news from Togo!

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Mae said...

Hey Ann Green,

For my Global Experience class, my group is considering Female education and empowerment. Do you know of an area that is trying to begin a program like the one you are beginning now? Thanks and I love you! I hope Africa is amazing!!!